Med. Pr. 2002;53(2)
Evaluation of the computerized program in stress testing
Komputerowa wersja metod do pomiaru stresu w pracy
B. Dudek, W. Kolasa


The aim of the study was to design a computerized version of two paper-pencil questionnaires: "Objective Work Characteristics" and "Subjective Work Characteristics". The methods allowed to objectively assess the level of occupational stress related to agiven work post and to obtain its subjective assessment as perceived by the employees. The computerized version of the questionnaires contributed to fast identification of psychological factors present at workplace and their influence on the level of stress experienced by individual employees. The computer programming simplified scoring,as well as proved to be helpful in a detailed analysis of psychosocial characteristics of the work post and developing periodical reports in any time interval from 0.5 to 5 years. The efficiency of the program was verified on the basis of the study carried out in five sanitary and epidemiological stations located in the city of Łódź. A group of experts evaluated the level of stress at six work posts and 140 workers provided the self-assessment of occupational stress experienced at work. The data were collected and calculated in two databases of the statistical program SPSS+ and the originally designed application. The comparisons of the results obtained in these two programs showed no differences which proved the proper functioning of the program.

Key words

occupational stress, stressogenous work characteristics, psychosocial factors

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