Head: Magdalena Stanisławska, PhD
phone: (+48) 42 631 48 03
e-mail: Magdalena.Stanislawska@imp.lodz.pl

Main duties:

− cooperation with IMP laboratories in constructing, maintance and improvement of various managing systems: accreditation according to PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP);
− giving opinions (procedures, instructions etc.) applied to various managing systems in GMP laboratories;
− cooperation in elaboration of internal scholarship programmes for IMP laboratories workers, in interpretating requirements, standards, regulations and coordination of units giving acknowledgements refering to various systems of management of the laboratory;
− giving current consultations for workers  of IMP laboratories that work in an adequate managing system
− giving opinions on purchasing measuring equipment for research included in managing system;
− keeping documentary on duties of Quality Assurance Officer;
− organising and executing inspections, reviews and internal audits in IMP laboratories in order to account the compatibility of activities with adequate managing system;
− leading courses on managing system requirements for laboratory workers from the whole country.

1. Formation of quality policy and supervising the operation of the quality assurance system in NIOM's laboratories.
2. Giving opinion, monitoring, estimating and co-operation in developing of quality plans in NIOM's laboratories notifying investigative projects.
3. Participation in working out and giving some opinion on documents( guidelines, instructions, etc) helpful in realization of quality policy in NIOM's units.
4. Creation and management of quality system documents on NIOM level.
5. Organization of quality system reviews, supervising the realization of settlements from reviews and archiving records from reviews of quality system.
6. Supervision of the programmes of internal audits in NIOM's laboratories, nomination of internal auditors and participation in internal or external audits.
7. Supervision and co-operation in developing of programmes of internal training in the field of interpretation of quality standards and guides requirements and working out rules of preparation of documentation.
8. Management of programmes of external training of NIOM's staff in the area of quality assurance (giving some opinion of applications), recording.
9. Giving running consultation for staff of NIOM's units acting in quality assurance system.
10. Giving opinion on purchasing of testing equipment used in tests performed under quality system conditions.
11. Giving opinion of projects of repairs and/or reconstruction of rooms, in which tests are performed under quality system conditions.
12. Recording of Bureau of Quality Assurance activities.
13. Within agreements with external clients, giving lectures and training courses in the field of quality assurance involved in testing laboratories and methods of preparation of quality system documentation.

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